The production facility, is located in Kırklareli, only 200 km from İstanbul, with 335 employees.We always support our customers with latest fabric, trim and garment construction developments as part of Eroglu services.In our exclusive quality concept, small but vital details are very important. Thus our creative designers' collection is supported by the latest technology.Particular attention is given to Eroğlu Group suits in all process of their design and tailoring. The quality of a good suit can be seen by wearing it. However it is the inside of the garment that makes the difference between a regular suit and a quality suit.

All suits are individually inspected and examined in every stage of our production process, in order to guarantee long lived high quality performance. Our daily production capacity, which is on 2 production lines, is 1400 men jackets, 1200 men pants and 125 overcoats/coats. The quality and timely delivery of products is very crucial for our personnel.