The Eroglu Group is one of the leading producers in the men’s ready-made clothing sector in Turkey. It has 27 years of experience. It is a wholesaler, both nationally and internationally, of the brands KONZZI, Tre FRATELLI, M.Y.M and INPORE, which are produced by the Group’s own facilities.
In addition to the brands established by itself, Eroglu Group also produces for a great number of recognized brands on the basis of CM and CMT. It has customers in countries such as Israel, the Netherlands, France, Spain, United Kingdom, USA, Denmark, etc.
Its headquarters are situated in Osmanbey and Çaglayan, which are known as the business centers of the textile sector in Istanbul. The factory where the production is carried out consist of modern facilities established on an area of 30 thousand square meters. It is located in K›rklareli, which is at a distance of only 200 km from Istanbul.
It has a daily production capacity of 700 men’s jackets, 1250 men’s trousers, 300 men’s coats/duffle coats, and a total of 335 people are employed in its factory.

The Eroglu Group is well aware of the fact that it is necessary to closely follow up the technological developments within the sector and to apply the same to production with a view to enhancing the quality of its production and being able to compete on the world market. Therefore, it launches its investments by taking into consideration the technological developments every year. Acting on the basis of the principles of good will and integrity in its relationships and being open to learning are the foremost values cherished by the Group. Follow-up of recent developments in fabric, material, sewing and support of its customers with such information are among the primary services offered by Eroglu Group.
Eroglu Group recognizes that the diligence taken for the timing and the sewing quality of its production requires as much importance as the total quality of production.